Change From Email Address in Ninja Forms



By default, the From Email address or Sender Email address cannot be changed in Ninja Forms. However, there is an option to change From email address easily.

First, go to Ninja Forms → Settings → Advanced Settings and enable “Dev Mode” as shown in the screenshot below.

Ninja Forms enable Dev mode

Now, return to Ninja Forms → Dashboard, click on the Gear icon of any existing form, and then click Edit.

Ninja Forms edit form

Inside the form, click on “Emails & Actions” at the top. Then, click on the Gear icon of the Email Notification and go to the Advanced form pop-up on the right side. You will see the “FROM ADDRESS” option where you can add your new Form or Sender email address.

Change From Email Address

Before adding a new email address, ensure that the email address is associated with your website domain. Therefore, if your domain is, the email should be Otherwise, the web server won’t be able to send the email.

There is another way to change the From email address using the SMTP plugin. For more details about the process, please watch the YouTube video tutorial below.

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